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About Ron Hain for Kane Sheriff

 Welcome! I'm Ron Hain, a Sergeant with the Kane County Sheriff's Office, where I have worked since 2003 in a variety of  roles, including SWAT Team Assistant Team Leader, Narcotic K-9 Handler, Drug Enforcement Investigator, and Police Supervisor. I was honored to twice be named Deputy of the Year. Having a total of 24 years of public safety experience in Chicagoland, along with a homegrown dedication to Kane County, provides me with a strong foundation and passion to be your Sheriff. 


Corrections Division

 The Kane County Jail and the Corrections Officials that proudly serve within are part of the largest section of tax-appropriated budget in Kane County. The new mission of the Corrections Division under Ron Hain will be to truly break our local the criminal cycle.  

Public Safety Division

 The Sheriff's Office offers an 80-plus sworn personnel Public Safety Department to serve the people of Kane County with a warrants, civil, and criminal investigation divisions, evidence processing and holding, school resource officers and unincorporated area patrol. 

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Cougars Suite Night

 July 18th, 2018 @ 6:30 pm 

Cougars Stadium

Geneva, IL

The 5K Run for Sheriff

 August 25th, 2018 @ 9 am 

Mt St Mary's Park

St Charles, IL

Arcada Speakeasy Party

September 9th, 2018 @ 5pm

Arcada Theater

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Kane County Corrections

The Future Of Corrections


The Kane County Jail and the Corrections Officials that proudly serve within are part of the largest section of tax-appropriated budget in Kane County. The new mission of the Corrections Division under Ron Hain would be to break the criminal cycle in Kane County.

We're proud to announce that our Break-the-Cycle Skills to Jobs program is operating in full force and successfully connecting people with prior criminal records to career employment opportunities. This same program will become part of the Corrections Division under Ron's administration and will serve to dramatically reduce the incarceration rate and improve the lives of all citizens.

Diversion Programs with Ron Hain as Sheriff:

  • Opioid Rehabilitation Through Employment
  • Employed Arrestee Return Next-Day
  • Break The Cycle Vocational Training and Placement
  • Mental Health Support Immediate Diversion

Breaking the Cycle of Crime

  • In-house controlled substance rehabilitation and release referral
  • Reduction of incarceration rate through structured programs
  • Work-ready programs
  • Return of federal inmate contract
  • Collaboration with local businesses for inmate post-release employment
  • Municipality liaisons assigned to each town to enhance criminal intelligence networking
  • Criminal Intelligence Team to gather drug, gang, and violent crime information
  • Specialized training for designated officers to lead rehab and work programs
  • Return of daily roll calls to increase networking and team building
  • Emphasis on inmate classification to reduce violent behavior
  • Crisis Intervention Training with continual refresher training  for all sworn employees

Sheriff's Public Safety Division

Dynamically Serving and Protecting


The Public Safety Department is commonly the face and front line of Sheriff's operations. Under Ron Hain, Sheriff's Office Public Safety Deputies would be assigned according to their individual drives and skill sets to best and most-passionately serve their community.

The Patrol Division would be decentralized from the current design that has existed for decades. The new format, functioning from a North and South Patrol Division, would feature specialized deputies assigned to townships based on crime and traffic statistics. This model would dramatically reduce response times, enhance community relations, and provide a truly responsive approach to the safety and needs of our citizens.

Reducing Crime

While studies show that 80-90% of our criminal culture is under the influence of a narcotic when committing a crime  (source: ADAM study), deferral rehabilitation programs for first time and non-violent offenders will be essential for truly breaking criminal cycles in our community. By re-implementing and supporting proven programs initiated by Ron in 2011 at the Sheriff's Office, a zero tolerance approach to major criminal activity will, once again, be the stance of the 

Sheriff's Office.  

Moving Into The 21st Century

  • Implementation of reliable and integrated radio communication systems
  • Transparent and collaborative spending of criminal asset forfeiture proceeds to support the Sheriff's Office budget and alleviate a portion of the tax-appropriated budget
  • Integration of a Cultural Diversity Panel comprised of community members from all ethnic and special needs backgrounds.
  • Enhanced training and corrections certification of Court Security personnel, with emphasis Crisis Intervention Training for all sworn employees
  • Quarterly tactical training to reduce use of force incidents and better prepare first responders for those occurrences
  • Initiating dynamic controlled substance abuse services
    • Creation of the "Heroin Hotline"
    • Coordination of the "Chicagoland Heroin Task Force"
  • Patrol Division Reformatting
    • North/South Division
    • Return of daily shift roll calls
    • 10-hour shifts to increase coverage/network overlap
    • Integrating investigators with municipal police
    • Creation of Patrol Plus Division
      • Interstate Criminal Interdiction
      • Traffic/DUI Patrols
      • School Resource Officers
      • Warrant service
      • Civil service
      • K-9's


Proposed Public Safety Schedules and Efficient Re - Deployment of Personnel

Cougars Suite Night

July 18th at 6pm


Thank you for your interest.

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The 5K Run for Sheriff

 August 25th, 2018 @ 9 am Mt St Mary's Park, St Charles

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Arcada Speakeasy Party

September 9th, 2018 @ 5pm

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